VisualCounter Technology: The future is here

Some years ago, VisualCounter technology came onto the market. This was a technological step forward in providing an innovative response to a niche in the market - the management of traffic in business areas - which was hungry for reliable information in an ever more competitive environment.

With thousands of devices installed in over 28 countries, our technology is a leader in its sector.

VisualCounter®'s modern technology makes it possible to get an accurate count of the flow of people entering and exiting an area, as well as the traffic patterns in the premises or areas where the solution is installed, without the need for any mechanical access control devices.

VisualCounter® people counting devices are standalone systems based on artificial intelligence. They make it possible to get a highly accurate traffic count (bi-directional) at set time intervals (every minute or every 5 minutes).

The systems use different kinds of up-to-the minute sensors to suit each working environment: vision sensors, infrared sensors, etc.

This new technological concept makes it possible for these systems to be created as true intelligent, compact and self-contained devices. They are small in size and are fitted with communications modules that are compatible with the most up-to-the-minute standards (Ethernet, WIFI, GPRS and RS-485), which makes it possible to access them from anywhere in the world that has a suitable connection, and in compliance with the strict security levels of the communications protocol.

The fact that no additional complex hardware devices are needed means the solution has no hidden costs involved. This makes both the investment and maintenance considerably cheaper.

Thanks to the cutting-edge internal algorithms based on neural networks and fuzzy logic, VisualCounter devices are a step further in the concept of traffic management, making it possible to offer maximum accuracy in most situations, unlike other kinds of solutions which are characterised by unreliable information.

VisualCounter® solutions are installed on the perimeter of controlled areas, making it possible to get very precise information on the traffic within these areas. This type of information can be extrapolated to knowledge about the location of visitors within the controlled area, placing counting systems in strategic locations inside the area (stairways, restaurants, stores, restrooms, cinemas, etc.) using a bank of fixed or mobile counting systems.