VisualCounter.Stats Web:Overall statistical usage

Since every customer's needs are different, VisualCounter® people counting systems provide a solution for each based on its VisualCounter.Stats Web statistical tool technology, which enables detailed management of some of the most important indicators for your business, tracking them and comparing them from whatever point of view most interests you.


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The solution permits a centralised and/or decentralised usage structure, depending on the client's needs and organisational structure.
Within each local structure, data can be distributed on multiple levels, making it possible to differentiate between access zones, multiple departments or areas of special interest, advertising systems, etc.

Where centralised structures are concerned, the VisualCounter.Stats software tool provides enough flexibility in terms of platforms, communications and view structures to be quickly, conveniently and securely adaptable to any organisational architecture, no matter how complex it is. From small stores and franchise chains to large multi-sector company groups with an implementation that is both distributed and international, all organisation types will find that this tool provides an intuitive, detailed image of all the aspects that are capable of conditioning their business model.