VisualCounter management tools and software: A window of information

The VisualCounter integral solution for traffic management comes with a series of tools for analysis, monitoring and maintenance, which are easy to integrate into any company data system.

VisualCounter meets every need for traffic control and the integration of data on same within organisations, and has been very well received by customers all over the world.

The solutions can be adapted for small business or banks, shopping centres and business areas, and large retailers with multiple shops and different businesses. The solution permits centralised and/or decentralised use of store traffic information, according to the client's needs and organisational structure.

Having this information helps you to know more about your business area, making it possible to make decisions that directly affect the management of resources such as staff, stock, operating times, energy, etc.

Since every customer's needs are different, VisualCounter® people counting systems offer the corresponding management tool for each solution based on its technology.