VisualCounter.Vision: The intelligent answer

VisualCounter.Vision people counting devices are standalone Ethernet IP systems based on artificial vision that make it possible to obtain, with a high degree of accuracy (>95%), data on bi-directional traffic, without the need for any mechanical access control devices in the stores or business areas where the solution is installed.

The data is stored in the internal memory at time intervals of 5 minutes for the last 30 days, and can be accessed remotely via TCP/IP.

This new technological concept makes it possible for these systems to be designed as real "intelligent boxes" that are compact and self-contained (clock, processor, memory, sensor, etc.), small in size and with an IP address, making them accessible from anywhere in the world with a suitable communications connection.

The systems are placed in an overhead position and are non-intrusive in the area to be controlled or assessed.

The VisualCounter® artificial vision system adapts automatically to any change of scene in the counting or coverage area, meaning that it is not necessary to reconfigure each device when its environment changes.

Thanks to their internal algorithms based on neural networks, VisualCounter devices offer one step further in the evolution of video image processing, resulting in maximum accuracy at all times. This is unlike other types of solutions based on video cameras, heat sensors or infrared sensors, with which the information provided is unreliable due to factors such as light, temperature and traffic density.

These systems or small databases do not need to be linked to expensive PCs or PLCs, thus avoiding hidden costs, making both the investment and the maintenance of the system considerably cheaper.

VisualCounter® solutions are installed on the perimeter of controlled areas, making it possible to get very precise information on the traffic within these areas.
This type of information can be extrapolated to knowledge about the location of visitors within the controlled area, placing counting systems in strategic locations inside the area (stairways or lifts between floors, sections, etc.).