VisualCounter.Ir2: An efficient solution in complex environments

Bi-directional people counting system using double beam infrared laser sensors with cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms and GPRS wireless communications.

Makes it possible to get a highly accurate count of the flow of people entering and exiting an area, as well as the traffic patterns in a commercial area, without the need for any mechanical access control devices.

The system consists of 2 small sensors placed opposite each other at the store's access area. It makes it possible to detect blockage of any of the sensors, in which case an acoustic signal is emitted, and both the blockage intervals and power supply interruption intervals are logged in the statistics.

This is a standalone system (it counts and stores the data log) and this can be downloaded at any time via the GPRS network. ‘Plug & play’ is possible with this system, as it can be relocated ad infinitum, without needing to be reconfigured.

Wireless GPRS communications with the server mean that data wiring and internet wiring, which are not always present or available, is not necessary.

Its small size makes it "invisible" to the customer in the business area, and, as it is a very simple system, a pre-installation visit to the store is not necessary.