VisualCounter.Event: Intelligent event management

The VisualCounter.Event system is a small device that transforms and incorporates different events within the VisualCounter® solution. Data is stored in the memory and sent remotely (via TCP/IP) for viewing with VisualCounter.Stats.

The device consists of two digital inputs/outputs for integration with external systems (sensors, traffic lights, etc.)

Usage scenarios

There are currently many systems that provide data or signals in different formats. Using this model, it is possible to integrate this external data automatically and with a high time resolution (every 5 minutes, for up to a maximum of 30 days) into the VisualCounter.Stats viewing environment.

Example: Integration of car counting using a magnetic loop system and VisualCounter.Event.

When a vehicle passes over the spiral of wire buried underground, a magnetic signal is generated that makes it possible to detect the transit of said vehicle with absolute precision. This signal, which is an event, is stored in the VisualCounter.Event device so that it can be counted as another piece of traffic data.