VisualCounter: About us

VisualCounter is an Engineering company that offers traffic management solutions to the market.

The only source of sustained, long-term profitability today is technology, the result of research and technical development. This is why our company was established with the aim of becoming a leader in technological development, with ongoing R&D efforts in all its areas of activity.

These two aspects - technology and innovation - are the benchmarks for this company as a human development project.


Our mission is to meet the actual and potential needs of our customers, providing them with engineering and consultancy services and products with a high level of added value, with constant implementation of best practices in order to bring effective, profitable infrastructures to the market, in an environment that fosters the capacity for the personal and professional development of employees, through innovative products and services that favour sustainable social development.


Our vision is to strengthen our position as a leader in our sector, with a significant presence on the domestic and international markets, becoming a point of reference for our customers, suppliers and competitors.


  • Innovation: The future of a society is based on knowledge, and we cannot ignore our responsibility to innovative engineering.
  • Commitment: We understand, assume and adopt the aims, values and challenges of the company in our daily work.
  • Respect: In our actions we recognise the rights, opinions and dignity of others. We do not offend, and we take care to remain within the established limits.
  • Responsibility: We deliver on the commitments we undertake, recognising, accepting and responding with the actions and decisions that arise during the process.
  • Vocation for Service: We constantly demonstrate our willingness to meet the needs of our customers, both internal and external. We find out what those needs are, and we respond effectively with high-quality service.
  • Honesty: We pride ourselves on our honour, ensuring that the resources assigned are used fairly and reasonably, and we are always honest.